Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Social networking changing the way we travel

Social Media Posting on Facebook intending to travel to a certain destination and you will receive tips, advice and recommendations. With friends of friends in the same neighborhood, you might even already have friends awaiting your arrival.


Social media is changing the way people travel. It's replacing recommendations from experts and strangers with a targeted selection of information from acquaintances and their networks.


Content, whether that's a blog post about your favorite restaurant or the story from your latest trip to Greece and photos of that trip, is a form of social currency that you share with other people who frequent your social media space.


As opposed to travel websites, a recommendation from Facebook or Twitter will serve as more trustworthy and less random than something you stumble across on a Web site — even when the tweet or Facebook message is from someone you don't know.


Twitter has become a medium for travel-related businesses to provide quick messages about upcoming events, promotions, even weather conditions. It's also a way for these entities to identify regular customers and reward them with discounts. Other travel businesses use Twitter to build relationships with customers and promote visitor satisfaction by answering individual queries through Twitter with on-the-spot advice.

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